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Course Objectives

  • DNS Skills workshop consisting of the “Squat”, DNS Movement Preparation Flows and the “Czech Get Up”.
  • DNS concepts and principles integration into loading strategies in order to enhance squat mechanics, performance and capacity.
  • Developmental flow sequencing, and utilizing the developmental uprighting sequence under load (Czech Get Up) in order to enhance the facilitation of the deep stabilizing system of the spine, address insufficiencies seen in the squat and other accessory lifts and loading.
  • How to become more efficient with the application of the DNS concepts, principles and active exercises to perform, practice and feel DNS better. This workshop will help those who like to load, apply and enhance the utilization of DNS.
  • How to better cue (internal, external, tactile) the clients.
  • How to use Kettlebell’s, CLX Theraband, barbell and other props in order to load the developmental sequence and have a special focus on applying these tools to the squat.

Course Information

  • Saturday 10th-Sunday 11th August 2019
  • Early Bird Price (Until May 31st 2019): £600
  • Full Price: £650
  • Price does not include the Prague School Fee
  • In order to do this course you must have done either the DNS A Course or Exercise 1 Course
  • Payment via card (see link below) or BACS (ask Sam for details)
  • Location: Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, Wilson St, Manchester M11 2AZ
  • Instructors: Dr Michael Rintala DC & Dr Richard Ulm DC

Please email Sam (info@davieschiropracticcare.co.uk) for more information

Please ensure you give your email address so that I can send you information you need to know about the course

DNS Skills – Squat & Czech Get-Up
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