Services: Sports Massage or Deep-Tissue Massage

Sports Massage or Deep-Tissue Massage2018-12-12T10:57:50+00:00

Sports Massage is a branch of massage which uses a variety of different pressures (usually deeper and more intense than a traditional Swedish or Remedial Massage) to relieve muscular and soft tissue problems in those who take part in sporting activities, in order to aid recovery and help to prevent further injuries from occurring.

If a light, gentle massage is what you are after, this is not the massage for you. You may feel a bit sore and bruised afterwards which is normal so please do not worry.

A Deep-Tissue Massage is similar to a Sports Massage. It is utilised in the treatment of non-sports related injuries. More commonly in those people who may have issues related to things such as poor posture or occupational stresses.

Ashleigh is a qualified Sports Masseuse